Three Red Chairs

Wow. Nice post.

This was written on the theme of “object” as a part of weekly theme. Reminds me of an old folding bed which I reconstructed/painted in 2011. This folding bed was first occupied by my parents in 1975. It’s iron frame is 14 kg which is far high in contrast to the 4 kg frame of the folding beds of current times.

To me this is a perfect example of how to write an essay on some objects which we use in day to day life.

Happy reading.

The Silver Leaf Journal


Glossy and red, the three chairs stand out in our white, white kitchen. They were the first coloured accent to grace our famously white house. Now, there are red accents all over our home. But the chairs started it all.

Their square and sturdy frames contrast with the natural sable-green of their woven rush seat pads. When you sit on them, they make the squishing, crackling sound you hear when you settle down on a patch of dry grass by the sea, or when you walk across a farmer’s field at harvest time. When you pull them out from the table, they make a dense scraping sound, a sound that echoes from the tile floors of my childhood.

They are among the few items in our house that have followed me through my life. When we bought this house, I insisted we had to keep them, find a place for them…

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